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Relax and Enjoy Your Visit

Our dentists at Hue Dental can help you relax and enjoy all of your dental visits.

  • 100% Digital Implant / No incision /Less Pain, swelling/ / High Blood Pressure, Diabetes OK

  FULL ARCH SPECIALTY/ Edentulous cases.

  • General dentistry
  • Orthodontics
  • Veneers/aesthetics
  • Sleep apnea

Relax and Enjoy Your Visit

Our dentists in Hue Dental can help you relax and enjoy all of your dental visits.

Whether you have had a bad dental experience in the past, have dental fears or experience anxiety, our team will do the best to help you relax and enjoy all of your dental visits.

We offer 100% digital implant solution and laser procedures for your comfort. We also offer all types of dental services including cosmetic, restorative, general,100% digital implant sleep apnea, and we even provide weekend service for our valued hard working patients.

Our procedures are affordable and give you excellent value and quality treatments at the same time.  Especially Our 100% digital implant is with a satisfaction guaranteed.

Our team of quality dentists in Las Vegas is here to help you achieve the smile you have always dreamed of while also contributing to your oral healthcare needs. We are proud to serve the Las Vegas community and surrounding areas by achieving perfect smiles one at a time.

We understand your dental concerns, so please don’t hesitate to call us with any questions.



Dr. Luiz dos Santos

Founder and DMD of Hue Dental

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Dr. Crystal Traeger, DMD


Charm Lee

Insurance Coordinator


Carol Izzo


Dental Hygienist


Deserie E.

Dental Assistant


Karen Sanchez

Dental Assistant


Bianca Russo

Dental assistant


Lily Chrisman

Implant Coordinator


Yiahara Ochoa

Front Desk


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